Patrons: Naji Hakim and Paul Patterson
Festival Director: Martin Stacey
   8th Festival: (London) 18th - 19th July 2015

AFNOM is supported by the Royal College of Organists and the Incorporated Association of Organists

Welcome to the AFNOM website

AFNOM is a ‘shop-window’ for new music - a unique, multi-purpose international festival whose aim is to attract composers of any age, nationality and stylistic background to submit their compositions to be played, heard, discussed and sold. We all have much to learn from each other as musicians. The organ music of other countries, cultures and composers can influence our way of thinking and inspire great creativity and growth. We hope that all of you who visit this website will find inspiration as well as enjoyment. Since we began in 2006, AFNOM has featured music by a staggering 102 composers and 58 performers from 18 countries. Some of these composers are well known figures in their native lands while the rest are largely self-published professional musicians. Within the programmes there is a great breadth of style and idiom, many contrasting voices and a real sense of cultural diversity. The works featured are examples of the overall variety of contemporary styles available to organists today; they show great awareness of traditions and the capabilities of the instrument, but nevertheless shine a light towards the future and its possibilities. Through coming together to exchange music in this way, composers and performers can support each other and encourage development. When connections are made, friendships formed or new works created, we will have succeeded in achieving one of our main objectives, which is to stimulate a growth in the overall awareness and appreciation of good modern organ music.

Introduction from the Festival Director

"It gives us great pleasure to introduce the 2015 festival in partnership with the Royal College of Organists. AFNOM and the RCO are working together to encourage artistic relationships between musicians here in the UK and abroad as we share our resources, broaden our scope and offer an increasing number of people worldwide the chance to exchange ideas in an environment which is non-competitive and unbiased. The festival already draws visitors from overseas to take part in our activities, which are broadly educational and centre upon propagating a rich and valuable heritage for the musicians of tomorrow, while breathing life into the music of today. The RCO library in Birmingam is now the main UK repository for AFNOM scores; which is fast becoming one of the most diverse archives of contemporary organ music in the world.

One of our objectives is to assist the development of contemporary music by creating cultural links between groups and individuals from different countries. It is clear from the rich variety of information contained on these pages that this festival is making a valuable impact worldwide, and that a great many people are finding a place for their work that was not available before. Performers are likewise having opportunities created to be heard by the best audiences.

On this website, you can listen to live recordings made at the previous four years' exhibition-concerts, read the programme notes, information about the composers and performers, and transcripts of the discussions. I hope you enjoy sharing in one of the most exciting and rapidly expanding contemporary music ventures in recent times. Please encourage people to listen to these works online throughout the year, and thanks go to all those who have helped to make AFNOM possible."

Martin Stacey, November 2012

Applications for the next festival are due by 18th May 2013

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