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Marco Lo Muscio
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The Mystic Bourdon (2008)

In January 2008, I wrote four "Mystic Pieces" in various different musical styles. "The Mystic Bourdon" is based both on the mediaeval "Faux Bourdon" and is to be played on a single bourdon stop, or the flutes in general. The entire piece is based on a fix note (A) in the pedals as the left hand develops harmonies of an archaic flavour. The second piece in the set, "Mystic Alleluja in memory of Messiaen" is a homage written on the centenary celebration of Olivier Messiaen’s birth. I combined Messiaen’s "Modes à transpositions limitées" with some blues harmonies to form a powerful and virtuosic piece. Next comes "Cantus Mysticus pro Arvo Pärt" in homage to the music of the great Estonian composer Arvo Pärt. The piece begins with the typical ecstatic harmonies of Pärt. In the middle section we have a medieval dance that leads to a Canon and then to a final dance in which the main theme returns with double pedal parts on full organ. The final piece, "Mystic Dance of Fire" is a powerful, rhythmic dance in homage to the great contemporary "Progressive" guitarist, Robert Fripp. In this piece we can hear many harmonies using sevenths and ninths overlapping.

Duration: 3mins
Available from: Erreffe Editioni Musicali

Toccata Breve

Listen to Christopher Maxim performing The Mystic Bourdon at St Marylebone Parish Church

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